Stories In Stitches Online Writing Workshop


This could be you!
This could be you!

Take an online course with me as your teacher.

If you have taken my sock classes, you know that I take my time with students and answers all your questions online. No question is too small or dumb.

Now take a class with me to learn how to publish your book.  With my 14 years of dealing with publishers as a tech writer and book author, I can give you advice before you make that big mistake.

Sign up TODAY! The class starts in the spring of 2014. You can check out my biography here.



Have you ever yearned to gather with like-minded knitters who are also writers to explore the creative pathways between knitting, designing and writing? Now’s your chance.

This is a 5 week online course but there is no need to finish in 5 weeks.  Click here for topics covered and sign up. (The new course name is Birth Your Knitting Book.)

 Student comments

Donna was amazing, I don’t think I had ever really thought through left and right leaning decreases and she made it all make sense. Perhaps I can do away with the Post-it notes indicating what symbol is K2tog and which is ssk. – Knitting Retreat Attendee

Donna’s teaching style and responsiveness to the participants needs and questions. The group was awesome – group size was ideal – more than 9 would have been to frenzied and too crowded in Donna’s classroom. – Student visit to Sheep To Shawl Studio in Barton, VT

I loved the sessions with Donna. She has an amazing calm peaceful way about her that supports learners learning. The interactions with the other attendees as well as the trip to the alpaca farm were also highlights of the retreat. – Knitting Retreat Attendee


 Click here for topics covered and sign up. (The new course name is Birth Your Knitting Book.)

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