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Need a Knitting and Crochet Technical Editor?


My extensive background in technical writing (over 20 years) and usability engineering combined with teaching knitting workshops gives me a uniquewritingPen perspective on the pattern-writing process and my experience working with large, mid-size, and boutique publishers has given me a broad understanding of the knitting-book industry and market. (My Bio)


I have excellent problem-solving skills and an ability to quickly assimilate a variety of seemingly unrelated facts and viewpoints and generate an overall summary and high-level view of almost any situation or project.


I prefer to review one or two patterns from a book or collection, then bid a flat rate for the entire project or per pattern to avoid the uncertainty that goes along with hourly fees.


 Contact Me for a quote.


Basic Tech Editing Package includes:

  • Confirm that the items in the materials list are used in the pattern instructions and that all yarns, notions, and tools mentioned in the pattern are in the materials list.
  • Make sure there are complete step-by-step instructions for knitting and finishing the project.
  • Make sure projects with multiple colors have all of the colors listed properly in the pattern and materials list and that the arrangement of colors matches the photo and any charts.
  • Check yarn information against yarn labels (if available) or manufacturer’s website.
  • Confirm that any stitch illustrations match the associated instruction text.
  • If rows are numbered, make sure no row numbers are missing and that all references to row numbers in the pattern match the stitch instructions and/or chart row numbers.
  • Calculate all measurements. For example, divide cast-on stitches by gauge to make sure that the measurement on the schematic matches your calculation.
  • Make sure all schematic measurements match what is listed in the pattern.
  • Check all pattern stitches and charts and confirm that multiples work evenly into stitches given in rows. Swatch as necessary.
  • If charts are present, check to see that the text refers to them accurately.
  • Additional services available
  • Charting
  • Pattern writing
  • Book proposal editing and evaluation
  • Portfolio development and evaluation
  • Marketing plan development
  • Blog book tour planning
  • Workshop curriculum, handout, and presentation editing and evaluation
  • Translation from German to English

Please contact me for a quote and example work.

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