15 Mar 2012

Although this month’s comfort shawl pattern (free pattern) is very easy to knit, working with mohair yarn can be a challenge.

Because the yarn is so fuzzy and the fibers are clingy, the yarn will stick to itself as you knit, making it almost impossible to rip out. If you do have to rip, slowly unknit the piece stitch by stitch, using a sharp scissor to separate the furry halo if it gets stuck together. But be careful not to cut the core of the yarn! Pay special attention at the beginning of each row. For some reason, the fibers tend to stick together most where each new row begins.

To avoid frustrating mistakes, make sure you knit slowly and pay attention. Even though this shawls uses very easy stitch patterns, you might find that you need a marker inside the 2 edge stitches so you don’t forget to to work the YOs at the beginning of each row. These are the increases that give the shawl its triangular shape and add a small, but noticeable detail to the edges.

When binding off, make sure to work very loosely. Because the mohair yarn is held together by a nylon thread, it does not stretch at all. If your bind off is not loose, the shawl will have a hard, puckering edge that will spoil the soft, cloud-like feeling. If you don’t have a needle bigger than a size 15 for binging off. Use this stretchy bind off instead of your regular technique.

One nice thing about working with mohair is that, should you make a mistake here or there, it will be impossible to notice in the fuzzy texture of the finished knitting.

Keep these few things in mind, and you’ll learn to enjoy knitting with this luxuriously warm and lightweight yarn.

To find out the history of Mohair, check out this link. Scroll down to bottom.

Photo by fabulous yarn.

4 Responses to Lesson: Knitting Mohair
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  2. Susie Collins 03/16/2012 at 4:17 am

    I LOVE mohair & the color featured here. It’s so warm & so beautiful.

  3. Wow Sheep to Shawl! What a great primer on knitting with this lovely mohair yarn – thanks for referencing our mohair yarn information page, too. We’re going to point to your post here, if thats ok with you! THanks!

  4. A lady from Wales told me that if you keep Mohair and bunny in the freezer and only take out as much as you can work in 30 minutes, It is much easier to deal with both spinning and knitting. And yes, this works wonders with keeping the “fuzzing” to a minimum. So people are always asking me what is with the “fur” in the freezer!

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