February 24, 2011

Free Pattern: Knitted Bangles

Translated from this free German-language pattern by Donna Druchunas

Knitted Bangles
What an extravagant piece of jewelry for a good friend! And best of all, it’s homemade. The bracelets were elaborately knitted and sewn together, using a cardboard tube from a roll of carpet tape as a bracelet form.

Bouton d’Or “Gaia” (100% natural plant dyed wool, 91yd/50 g), 1 ball in Amandier (color 1030), Sorgho (color 1035) or Cobalt (color 0114)
Size 6 US (4mm) knitting needles
Plastic bangle bracelet or empty cardboard tape roll (we used carpet tape roll, 5 cm wide)
Cable needle

Approx 10.5″ around. Size varies depending on the size of the bracelet or cardboard tube used.

Pattern Stitches
Cable pattern
Worked over a multiple of 9 sts
Plain rnds: *Purl 3, knit 6; rep from * around.
When you reach the exact center of the bracelet, work the cable round as follows.
Cable cross rnd: *Purl 3, slip 3 to cable needle and hold in front, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle; rep from * around.

Stockinette stitch in the round
All rows (RS): Knit every stitch.

9 sts = 1-1/2″ (4cm) wide over cable pattern.

Outer strip:
Cast on 63 sts, divide sts evenly on double-pointed needles and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist sts.
Work 7 repeats of plain rnd of cable pattern.
Work even for 3 cm (or 1/2 Bangle width, measured generously).
Work cable cross rund as described above.
Work even in plain rnds of cable patt until piece measures 6 cm (or the full bracelet width, measured generously).
Bind off loosely.

Inner strip:
Cast on 44 sts, divide sts evenly on double-pointed needles and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist sts.
Work in Stockinette stitch for 4 cm (or until piece is just a hair shorter than the inner bracelet width).
Bind off.


Wrap the remaining yarn around the bracelet form so it gets a curved shape. Use the double-sided tape to secure the inner strip on the inside of the bracelet and the outer strip on the outside. Sew the cast-on and bind-off edges together working around the entire circumference of the bracelet. The inner strip should be narrower so it pulls the outer strip around the edges of the bracelet. Hide the yarn ends inside.


Want more patterns? Check out Donna Druchunas’s books at

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