16 Dec 2011

Free Pattern: Easy Cable Scarf & Headband

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This easy scarf and headband will give you practice making cables. It’s perfect for anyone needing a bit of warmth.

Approx 440 yards of worsted weight yarn.

I used 4 balls of Suri Merino from Plymouth yarn (55% suri alpaca, 45% extra fine merino wool), Color 5192

To make each separate item, you will need:

Scarf: 3 balls, size 7 needles

Headband: 1 ball, size 7 needles

Approx 20 sts = 4 inches over stockinette stitch

Headband: 18 inch circumference, fits head sizes up to 23 inches

Scarf: 5 inches wide x 58 inches long

Pattern Stitches

Rope Cable
Rows 1, 3 and 7 (RS): P2, k6, p2.

Rows 2, 4 and 6 (WS): K2, p6, k2.

Row 5: P2, slip 3 sts to cable needle (cn) and hold in front, k3, k3 from cn, p2.

Row 8: K2, p6, k2.

Repeat rows 1 to 8 for pattern.

HeadBand Instructions

Cast on 16 sts.

Setup row (WS): K3, place marker, k2, p6, k2, place marker, k3.

Row 1: K3, sm, work rope cable over next 10 sts, sm, k3.

Repeat row 1 until headband measures approx. 18 inches. End after row 2 of rope cable pattern.

Bind off. Sew ends of headband together. Weave in ends.

Cast on 36 sts.


Row 1 (RS): K3, place marker, (k2, p6, k2, place marker) three times, k3.

Row 2 (WS): K3, (p2, k6, p2) three times, k3, slipping markers when you come to them.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until ribbing measures 2 inches.

Knit 6 rows (3 garter ridges).

 Cable Pattern

Next row (RS): K3, sm, work three repeats of rope cable over next 30 sts slipping the markers when you come to them, sm, k3.

Work patterns as established until scarf measures approx 55 inches. End after row 2 of rope cable pattern.


Knit 6 rows (3 garter ridges).

Repeat rows 1 and 2 of ribbing as above, until ribbing measures 2 inches.

Bind off loosely in pattern and weave in ends. Wash the scarf and dry flat, flaring the ends out to create the clamshell shape of the ribbing.



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