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Knitting articles by Donna

FALL COLORS: Lithuanian History

Originally posted 9/20/2010 As fall begins - here in Lithuania anyway - I am determined to spend more time writing, less time roaming the streets. I'm sure the weather will cooperate in furthering this plan. And while I am in Lithuania, what better to write about than history? And where better ...

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New article in Sockupied

  [one_half]I have a cool project and an article in the new issue of Sockupied (Spring 2012). Inspired by the inner socks worn by Albanian men in the early twentieth century, these start with and unusual swirl toe. They get a modern twiest with the use of soft merino yarn, patterning on the ...

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SUMMER OF LACE: Eyelet Diamond Shell and Stole by Karin Maag-Tanchak

SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING DESIGNER NOTES SERIES DD: Karin, thanks so much for being part of Successful Lace Knitting. I love the way you used two weights of the same yarn to create an unusual twinset with a shell and a stole. What gave you that idea? KM-T: Since I was offered two ...

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Going on a trip (TNNA) 2007

This is an old blog post from our visit to TNNA in San Diego, CA 2007.  Donna will be attending the TNNA conference in Phoenix, AZ in early 2012. -------------- Sunday, January 07, 2007 Hi Everyone. Dom and I are going on a trip next week. We're visiting San Diego, where we ...

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What do you love?

Here are two semi-related notes about things I love. I hope it gets you thinking about what you love and that you'll spend time indulging those passions this summer. I love making things, traveling, learning, and teaching. And for me, these all come together in my love of books. I have a ...

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Stress-free Productivity

Sometimes when I try to make myself work, the anxiety is just too much for me to deal with. I need time off or I can't be productive. I often wonder about the people - especially those who are self employed - I hear complaining about working 16 hour days. ...

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My writing life…

What's your work day look like? I have a "day job" (laid off July 2011) and my freelance work. I am supposed to work a regular schedule for my day job and somehow fit my knitting and writing in, but it just doesn't work that way for me. I can't ...

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Symbols in Lithuanian Knitting (part 2)

To continue talking about the Stitch Library chapter I'm working on for my book on Lithuanian knitting, I'd like to start with a short overview of symbolism, in general. Folklore and spirituality, or religion, have been tied tightly to the symbols used in weaving in Lithuania, as well as in other forms ...

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Colors in Lithuanian Knitting

Yesterday I was reading a 1930s book written in Lithuanian, and it said that in the old days (pre-1930 obviously) there weren't very many white Lithuanian sheep and most of the yarn that was dyed was muted colors because a) it was all natural dyes and b) it was mostly ...

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Symbols and Ornament in Lithuanian Knitting

Please don't pass out from shock, but I'm writing a blog post! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you've already seen this snapshot of what I'm working on for the stitch library in my book on Lithuanian knitting. (If you're Lithuanian and some of this is bullshit, please ...

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