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Want to know what makes me tick? Here's an interview with Fiber College of Maine, where I'll be teaching this fall.   Can you imagine being able to combine your many passions — knitting, history, travel, writing, and teaching — to custom-make a perfect career for yourself? Meet Donna Druchunas; she’s done ...

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Serendipity: A Poem

Serendipity: I wouldn't have bought The Writer's Chronicle magazine to read "Je Suis Ein Americano: The Genius of American Diction" if I hadn't: Come to North Carolina to visit my sister, stayed at Comfort Inn in Raleigh to teach at Great Yarns, gone to Barnes and Noble to get a cup of coffee, spotted Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life on the ...

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Knitting and Crochet: A Marriage Made in History

Knitting and Crochet: A Marriage Made in History by Donna Druchunas Originally published in Black Purl Magazine 2005 In 2002, I had an idea for a book that combined knitting and crochet. I submitted a proposal to a publisher in North Carolina, and the acquisitions editor loved it. The publisher had recently ...

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Exploring Our Heritage Through Knitting

More Stories In Stitches 3 spoilers anyone? I'll be telling you more about my ancestry and how knitting is so important in my family history. This is my ancestry breakdown from, where I sent a DNA sample to be tested. No big surprises here for me, because I knew where ...

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Stories In Stitches 3 is almost here! Sneak Peek.

  Here's a teaser for Stories In Stitches 3. There will be 3 sock patterns, each featuring a different colorwork technique. I'm not quite ready to do the BIG reveal, so these photos are onlyshowing you part of the socks at a weird angle. I hope this piques your interest and ...

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We all write crap sometimes

  I was going through my free writing exercises to pick one or two to read in our workshop today and I decided that I really need to share a free write that came out like crap. Because not everything we write, especially in free writing and early drafts, comes out ...

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Stories In Stitches Online Writing Workshop

  Take an online course with me as your teacher. If you have taken my sock classes, you know that I take my time with students and answers all your questions online. No question is too small or dumb. Now take a class with me to learn how to publish your book.  With ...

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Not (Just) About Patterns

  An unapologetically long post about how knitting books can change the world, if knitting designer/authors have the balls to take it up a notch.   The best knitting books are not about having patterns for projects you want to make. The best knitting authors may start out by creating books of patterns ...

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Fashion, knitting, and saving the world

  (Photos are from my WTF Pinterest board.) To take the last post about being buried alive in stuff a step further, and to talk about clothing, I'd like to start with a poem. Below that, some further thoughts on making our own clothes and how that may just be the key to ...

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Happy Pi Day

  It's Pi Day! And to celebrate, here's the official formula for a pi shawl: CO 9 sts and join to knit in the round. Knit 1 rnd. (YO, k1) around—18 sts. Knit 3 rnds. (YO, k1) around—36 sts. Knit 6 rnds. (YO, k1) around—72 sts. Knit 12 rnds. (YO, k1) around—144 sts. Knit 24 rnds. (YO, k1) around—288 sts. Knit 48 rnds. (YO, ...

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Signed Knitting Books for Sale

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Premium Knitting Patterns

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Sheep To Shawl Boutique

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