Free Pattern: Did Lace Knitting Originate in Spain?

Here’s one of my past Knitty articles. I love this pattern. I think my mom stole the shawl because I haven’t seen it in a while. Some knitting traditions are famous around the world, while others, just as interesting and beautiful, are less celebrated outside of their local areas. Such is the case with knitting […]

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Organic Wool

Have You Any Organic Wool? by Donna Druchunas (Email me) (Sources for eco-friendly fleeces and yarns are posted at the bottom) What could be more natural than wool? Many people assume that wool is organic because it is a natural fiber. Some use the term organic informally, referring to wool that is not processed with […]


Free Pattern: Gail’s Easy Cable Scarf

Free Matching Hat Pattern Here’s an easy cable scarf to match last month’s hat. Both are dedicated to Gail, the former listmom of Knit-U and Knit Design, who passed away suddenly after an illness. She will be missed by many knitters around the globe. Size Approx 6″ (15 cm) wide by 64″ (162 cm) long, without […]

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Lesson: Double Knitting

Double knitting is a very easy technique to master, even though is sounds difficult and looks like magic. You use two straight needles to knit back and forth, but you end up with a tube of knitting. It’s a great technique to make a double thick fabric for a yoga mat or rug, and it’s […]

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How much will your knitting shrink?

Pieces knitted in stockinette stitch will shrink more in length than in width during felting. To calculate how much your piece will shrink, knit a good-sized swatch and use this table to “do the math.” 1. Measure the stitch gauge, length and width of the swatch, then felt it. Width (example) 8 in. (20 cm) […]

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Free Pattern: Lietuvos Riešines (Beaded Wrist Warmers) Pattern

Originally published in Black Purl Magazine, Winter 2007 These wrist warmers are inspired by Lithuanian beaded wristers that I saw on BritKnitCast website, hosted Carrie Anne Dennison, who attended Woolfest last year. I don’t know if they are a traditional Lithuanian design, but I plan to find out on my trip to Lithuania next summer. […]

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