Lesson: Crochet Bobbles

I find that its easier and faster to make bobbles with a crochet hook than by knitting back-and-forth on three-or-four stitches in the more conventional bobble. I also like the shape of the crochet bobble better. It is rounder and “puffier” than a conventional bobble. read more →

Knitting is making a come back….in the U.K.

“Today’s yarns and patterns are very fashionable and fit with the vintage trend.
“Knitting improves co-ordination, problem-solving skills and concentration. We’re getting a lot of calls from schoolteachers.” read more →

19 Feb 2012
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Cat fashion bloggers and cat fashion designers.

An Etsy store that caters to cat fashion. read more →

18 Feb 2012
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The Knitting Stool (Art)

Check out the knitting stools at this site. Claire-anne is a textile designer specialising in knitting. read more →

17 Feb 2012
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